We are here to share our Northern Arapaho traditions, legends and history. Our nomadic Native American ancestors once roamed North America and their hunting area ranged over the entire Plains region. The Arapaho were known as peaceful diplomats, furious warriors, intelligent traders and talented artists. Our ceremonies teach our people respect, sacrifice and love for others.

Our ancestors followed closely the rules and regulations of the tribe, being taught from an early age to respect life and to be kind to others. Each individual, prior to the reservation days, had a specific duty and belonged to a lodge that helped to direct their paths in life. Each band or clan had a distinct leader that they followed, but only if he earned and kept their respect.

Northern Arapaho dollThis website is intended to introduce visitors to the Arapaho tribe, specifically the Northern branch that today resides on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming. It is for those that want to learn more about our culture, our stories and our legends. It is for those that hope to visit our reservation and to experience for themselves the rich Arapaho culture that remains to this day.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us, the Blue Sky People who, not that long ago, hunted the buffalo and protected our families on the Great Plains of the Rocky Mountain region.

Hohou! (Thank you in Arapaho)